Unexpected Perfection

Unexpected Perfection

A Pride and Prejudice Divergence Story by Sandi Layne

© 2011

This is a work in progress, something I am writing to amuse myself.  Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen, has been one of my favorite works for decades. I love Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy and find them to be a lovely couple.

But my mind, alas, has the sad preoccupation with “What if?”  And after reading of an interview Colin Firth did regarding his role in the 1995 A&E film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, I started thinking…

What if Mr. Darcy had acted as a true gentleman at the first Meryton Assembly? What if he had not held himself aloof, but rather sought to do what was proper for a man in his circumstances, and what if he chose to first partner with the most lovely young woman in the room:  Jane Bennet?

From there, my imagination has danced and I will be sharing this romp here on my blog.  My thanks to Megan Dooley for the story banner. 🙂

Reminder: This is not Pride and Prejudice. Jane is not Elizabeth and she is content with that, as am I.  The dynamic of this story is entirely different and though it will begin on the same timeline as Austen’s novel, it won’t stay there. Thank you for reading!  ~ Sandi 

Table of Contents:

(Click on the chapter title to go directly to that chapter.)

1.  At the Assembly

2.  Aftermath

3.  Afternoon Conversation

4.  Agitated Anticipation

5.  Question and Answer

6.  Acceptance and Appellations

7.   Agitation

8.  Ailing and Away

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