Short Stories

In the beginning, I never intended to be a writer at all.  In fact, the notion did not occur to me until 1997.

When I began writing, I started at the long end…writing novels.

I wrote my first short story to enter a contest to see if I could do it. I did enter and I even won!  These days, I rarely jump into the “short” end of the pool, but I have done so.

Here, I hope to share with you some of my flights of whimsy.

The Last Tree Sale — A Christmas Story written as a gift to my MindSay blog readers, a couple of years back.

The Smile — One Man’s Perspective

Bedtime for Benat — A little dragon is very sleepy and asks his Nana for a story. She indulges him in a story where it seems that the dragon is a good guy. Inspired by artwork done by Reneé Spahr.

Sir Christopher’s Curse — Inspired by Oscar Wilde’s tale, The Canterville Ghost, this is a tale of an English lord who is forced to wander his estate after being cursed by a vengeful woman. Will he ever fulfill the requirements to attain his eternal peace?

The Last Miss Bennet — Mary Bennet, we read in Pride and Prejudice, lived a less secluded life after the marriages of her sisters. Did she rusticate a spinster forever? I choose to say she did not. Here, then, is a happy ending of two sorts for Mary Bennet.

All are copyrighted by Sandi Layne, 2000 – 2008.

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