Summer’s Music

Written in appreciation for Tennessee and family, SUMMER’S MUSIC is a story about coming home.

Tuesday Tennant, country music sensation, is called back home to Cookeville, Tennessee with melancholy news: Her father has just had a heart attack. She returns without hesitation, prepared not only to help her mother, but also to handle her aging parents’ concerns about her spiritual life – or lack thereof!

Brendan Summers was unprepared for the way his former youth group sidekick would affect him when he saw her again. The youth minister, though, knew that he might only have a short time in which to help her find her way to the faith she had cherished as a teenager, and he committed himself to this purpose.

Neither meant to fall in love!


UPDATE: April, 2014

This title is now available for your KINDLE:

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Click here for the Kindle Edition!



“Brendan, please. Really,” she said, sounding conciliatory. “You don’t need to concern yourself about me. I shouldn’t have lit into you about it. It was stupid.”

“But it made sense, Tuesday. I – I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before, really.”  Not once in all those years had he given consideration to calling her or writing her or sending her an email. Not once.  “Maybe I should have, but I didn’t. I’m sorry.”

“Neither did I, Bren.  Mail goes both ways.  I know.”

He paused.  “So does prayer, you know.”  It was something of a risk, but a calculated one, to remind her of this truth.  She had been reading his notes, taking his phone calls.  She had agreed to talk to him this evening and had even invited him to stay for dinner.  He did, he sensed, have some influence with her, however it had happened.  His job, both professionally and as a member of God’s family, was to seek reconciliation.

Her response was what he should have expected.  “Does it, Brendan? Does that make God as reliable as you and I in keeping touch with each other?”

With a harsh sound from her throat, she moved past him, toward the steps to leave the gazebo.  He tried to catch her arm as she strode by, but succeeded only in capturing one small hand, which she pulled away so forcefully that she fell down the steps.


Summer's Music

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