Éire’s Captive Moon

Compelling, three-dimensional characters who are interesting, imperfect, and very intriguing make the story pop and grab the reader’s interest as they each journey through their own adversities towards their ultimate destinies. – Great Historicals

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Éire’s Captive Moon, the first book of Sandi Layne’s Éire’s Viking trilogy , brings you to the unsettled era of the early Viking raids along the coast of Éire – today’s Ireland.

A wounded refugee from the violent Viking raids on Éire’s coast is healed so well by Charis of Ragor that Agnarr captures the moon-pale woman for his own and takes her home to Nordweg to be his slave.

Also captured is Cowan, a warrior gifted with languages. He is drawn to the healer of Ragor and finds himself helpless before her.  In more ways than one!

Through the winter, Charis plans a fitting vengeance upon her captor for the men he killed. She also prepares to return to Éire and the children she left behind.

But will her changing feelings interfere with these plans?  When two men vie for her heart, will she give way before either – or both?

…a great piece of fiction that everyone should read. -Warren Bennett


Later, the healer told herself it was her lifelong calling to her craft that sent her—a high-pitched scream bursting from her throat—out to Agnarr’s side. With nothing more than her personal knife in hand, Charis ran to the well, intent on distracting the invader. The man had regained a firm footing by now and lifted his sword to finish his opponent.

Né!” she shouted. She leapt into the small space between the men. Could she reach his sword and help? Could she lift it if she did?

The invader laughed—a sharp, hard sound with triumph at its heart. “You think to save him? Are you his woman?” He moved his sword, stopping her from kneeling to reach the deadly length of metal. “Shall I keep you?”

Charis snarled and pushed the sword away, ignoring the pain of the blade. “Dog!”


She ignored Cowan’s call. She had to focus on the invader, perhaps to push him into the well.

He caught the brief flicker of her eyes and moved forward, momentarily abandoning his fallen foe. “No, I’m not going into the well, woman,” he said, a maddening smile on his face. He reached for her. “Perhaps you’d like to?”

Né!” she said, pushing again.

The smile faded and he drew back, moving away from the stone wall of the well, gaining ground at his back. Charis took advantage of his movement to kneel at Agnarr’s side. For a moment, Charis felt her mind go blank as a field of snow, as flat as a pool of dead water. Then the lack of feeling was replaced by a need to help, to heal, as she had done all her life. But she could not heal him until his opponent had been defeated. She slid the sword across the mud to grip the hilt in both hands and tried to stand.


Throughout Eire’s Captive Moon, adventure and suspense accentuate the details of daily life, both in Ireland and Norway. This is a love story, but not a typical one. It’s more a love story between a woman, her home, and her people. – B. Price


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