Éire’s Viking Trilogy

Beginning late in the 8th Century, invaders from over the northern seas violated the land and people of Éire.  Today, we know them as the Vikings.dont-keep-calm-the-vikings-are-coming


In writing this trilogy, I am trying to portray the centuries-long history of the Vikings with the Irish people in the course of a mere twenty years and three novels.

ECM small

First is Éire’s Captive Moon, released in January, 2013.  It’s a story that introduces the reader to the world of the early 9th Century. The different peoples are represented by:

The Christian: Cowan mac Branieucc, a prince, scholar, and warrior.  The Viking: Agnarr Halvardson, warrior and head of his household.  The Healer:  Charis, whose parentage is unknown, though she is thought to be of the bhaen sidhe.  Here is the Pinterest board with images of interest.

EV6Second is Éire’s Viking. This is the romance of the trilogy, telling how the Vikings—who had initially wanted to bring their beliefs and customs to the Green Island and install them in their entirety—came to marry and become Christians.  The reader will see how a man of Nordweg comes to adopt Éire as his home. And I have a Pinterest board in progress for this title, too.

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Third is Éire’s Devil King.  This is the tale of Tuirgeis, who will one day be considered the most bloodthirsty tyrant Ireland has ever known.  Introduced in Éire’s Captive Moon, he is the man who claimed the High Kingship of Ireland for his own. The histories tell one tale of him; I will tell another.


And, because this is a favorite of mine, here is the (in)famous Viking Kittens video, featuring Led Zepplin’s Immigrant Song. Originally from rathergood.com

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