When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a lawyer or a teacher (and, briefly, President of the United States!) or maybe an actress.  As I got older, the goals remained the same, but with some narrowing of avenues for these fields.

As it happened, I did study Constitutional Law. I became a teacher. I never have acted professionally, but as a teacher, one is in front of an audience (a captive one!) for hours every day. In addition, I became the Drama Ministry Director for a church at one point.  I also went to seminary and into the paid ministry, which was never on my childhood list of Things to be When I Grow Up.

However, all these avenues lost their charm.

And then, one day, while reading about how to get work as a reader for publishing houses, the idea struck me:  I’ve read hundreds of romance novels; surely I could write one!

Eventually, after sleepless nights and a hundred ideas, I sat down at midnight on the morning of December 1, 1997 and started writing – longhand – my first novel. I kept at it for six hours before I thought, “I could have been typing this and saved myself this cramp in my hand!”

I wrote six full-length romances that year.  None of them turned out to be the nice, sweet fare I had been hoping to create.  In my first book, I killed off most of an entire family before the end of the first chapter, maimed my hero one-third of the way through the book, and never seemed able to catch the tone of the light, witty repartee I had envisioned creating!

I may not write the Classic Regency Romance Novel, but I do think that some of my stories are worth reading.  On these pages, I will introduce them to you and you may decide for yourself.

Sandi Layne’s books on Goodreads

Éire's Captive Moon
Éire’s Captive Moon (Éire’s Viking, #1)

reviews: 21
ratings: 45 (avg rating 4.47)
An Unexpected Woman
An Unexpected Woman

reviews: 18
ratings: 31 (avg rating 4.39)
Éire's Viking
Éire’s Viking (Éire’s Viking, #2)

reviews: 11
ratings: 11 (avg rating 4.55)
Making a Diamond
Making a Diamond

reviews: 2
ratings: 5 (avg rating 4.40)
Summer's Music
Summer’s Music

reviews: 1
ratings: 4 (avg rating 5.00)

Happy Browsing!

Éire’s Viking (Book 2 of the Éire’s Viking Trilogy) – Historical romance

Making a Diamond – Christian Romance.  Family-oriented, sweet romance.

An Unexpected Woman — Christian Romance.  Light and sweet with a dash of suspense!

Summer’s Music —  Christian Romance. A story about coming home.

Éire’s Captive Moon –(Book 1 of the Éire’s Viking Trilogy) Historical fiction with a dash of fantasy.

Silent Music — Contemporary Christian Romance

Faith Under Fire — Christian Romantic Suspense. (Very first self-published novel.)

Two of my titles that do not appear on my website are FAITH UNDER FIRE and GARRISON’S GIRL.

One thought on “Novels

  1. Sandi,
    Love your novels and love you…
    Please remind me of how I find your books to buy???
    I’d like to read “Making a Diamond”.
    Thanks in advance.

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