Revelation & the Day of the Lord

Several years ago (in 2006), I was prompted to write a series of studies from Scripture.

I posted them in the blog I had at the time, as well as a couple of other places. When they were done, I made the different studies into PDFs so people could read them on their own.

Because I am so not media savvy, it has taken me a while to figure out how to arrange for their availability from this, my current website.

To access these studies, click on their “cover image” below.  They should open as a PDF in your browser window.  My browser (Safari) has the option of downloading them from the browser to the computer, by moving the mouse/cursor toward the bottom of the screen.  Your browser might do things differently.

I make these studies available to anyone, asking only that if they are used by an individual or group that what they have received freely, they share freely.  I have no record of downloads for these files.

book of rev

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