Anthology Contributions

Whereas I am not a great collaborator (I don’t play well with others!) I have been honored to be able to contribute to anthologies of short stories.

ValAnthCoverThe most recent is Romantic Interludes, compiled by my publisher, The Writer’s Coffee Shop. Seven short stories focusing on romance in different situations. Sweet, poignant, and sometimes funny, this is an entertaining collection.

My story in this collection is “Justin’s Second Chance” – a sweet story about a man who gets another chance with The Girl Who Got Away.


A collection of work from the Writers Roundtable of Phoenix, where I was privileged to be a founding and contributing member for a few years, this is a compilation of some of our favorite short stories.

Click on the cover for the link to the Amazon page.  My story is “Charis’ Healing.”  If you’ve read my novel Éire’s Captive Moon, you will find that this is the same Charis, but set in a time much earlier than she was in the novel – this was where she kind of began, in my head. 🙂

Another collection to which I was invited to contribute is Sassy Singularity. This is an anthology that focuses on strong, happy women who just happen to be single on Valentine’s Day. 🙂  From different perspectives, several women offered their own takes on this theme.  My story here is “The M-Word” – with a nod to my mother-in-law, who knows why!

As I am included in other collections, I will share them here. 🙂

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