A stands for Autism

If it’s April, then it must be Autism Awareness Month.

Fake Dictionary, Dictionary definition of the word autism.

#Autism is always, well, the norm, here. So this year, I’ll start off slow and go letter by letter.

Today, we start with A.

A stands for Autism Spectrum Disorder.If you want to learn more, one place to go is here:…/autism-spectrum…/index.shtml It’s the National Institute of Mental Health website. This has a broad spectrum coverage on the general knowledge of ASD, though nothing really gets it all, in my experience.

Or you can go here: Pathfinders for Autism is an organization dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with autism and the people who care for them. Depending on what you want to know.

My son Daniel says Autism means he thinks differently from other people. He is often frustrated, but we do our best to interpret—still and always—the world for him. Doesn’t mean he likes it, though. He knows his mind works differently, but he also knows he has a great sense of humor, a wonderful vocabulary, and the wish to communicate everything he knows about everything he knows. 🙂 We’re pretty fortunate, in that.

If you know one person with Autism, you know ONE PERSON with Autism. It presents differently across the board, and sometimes, it isn’t recognized until an individual is older. Adults can learn that they have ASD when they never knew they did. This might bother them or it might bring clarity.

Sometimes, Autism is obvious and hard and painful. Sometimes, it’s quiet and hidden. It can be mistaken for other things and go unrecognized.

But for those of us who have or live with and care for someone with Autism, it’s a part of our lives and always will be. Because A also stands for Always.

Tomorrow, we’ll tackle “U”. (That sounds odd, doesn’t it? lol)

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